Funky Doors

Check out these 25 doors at I especially like the Garden door and the Alps door!


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Oakland Magazine’s Best Realtor x 2!

Many thanks to my clients and friends who voted for me in the 2104 Oakland Magazine Best of contest! I really appreciate it. This marks the second time I have been bestowed this honor. Check it out here. You will have to scroll down about 3/4 of the way, but there I am! Take some time and peruse the other winners too. logo-oak

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Giant Long’s Store at 51st Closing

I have known that it was going to happen for quite a long while, but the time is finally here. This Saturday is the last day for the giant 87,000 square foot drug store will be open for business. In my mind it is always Long’s Drugs… even though it hasn’t held that moniker in years. I used to go to buy plants, potting soil, thread, school supplies, you name it. I bought my last crock pot there at 2 AM when I had a middle of the night crock pot emergency.

I have eaten many hot dogs with saurkraut at the Top Dog in the front of the store, and I have made many keys for my listings at the key copier in the lobby as well.

But alas. Saturday its all going away so that Safeway can build some new monstrosity. Check out the SFGate story about the end of an era here.


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Oregon Man Lives In A Retrofitted 727 Airliner

Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer, has an interesting place to call home. He lives in a retired Boeing 727 plane that he purchased in 1999 and has been steadily working on ever after. The plane is parked on Mr. Campbell’s property in Hillsboro, Oregon. For the full story and to see more photos, click here.




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Open Houses for Sunday, May 18th

Attached is the Sunday Open House list:

Sunday Open Homes May 18th

key-final-Orange-withname +realtorOL

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Here are the Open Houses for Sunday, May 11th

Happy Mothers Day!

key-final-Orange-withname +realtorOL








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Stingray Spotted in Lake Merritt!

Maybe that body of water really is getting healthier! Check out the East Bay Express Article.thumb-1398811222-lake_merrit_stingray_1

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