People Who Live In Glass Houses

No stones allowed… this property just listed near Santa Barara, CA (the address is not disclosed) is truly a work of modernistic art. Built in 2010, the current owner/ builder/ designer, Los Angeles architect Steve Hermann, has decided to move to a more “kid friendly” house. Listed at a mere $19,995,000, this The Glass Pavilion (as it is known) sits on 3.5 lush acres and is surrounded by mature oak trees, creating a private setting (A good thing since there isn’t much privacy built into the walls). The home boasts a spacious 13,875 square feet and is situated on a 3.5 acre lot.

According to,Ā The tempered glass walls are built out of Starfire Glass, which is a high-end glass product that increased the cost of the home by about $1 million over what it would have cost if traditional dual-pane glass was used. Incidentally the median home value in the neighborhood surrounding The Glass Pavilion is $1,935,200.

If you are thinking you would like to buy this property and take a mortgage on it, Zillow’s mortgageĀ calculator estimates your mortgage will run about $85,933 a month. That assumes a 30-year-fixed-rate home loan at 4.01 percent and 20 percent down payment. Need a little more incentive? The furniture is included.

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