Florida 14 year Old Buys a House!

Talk about an enterprising young lady! Fourteen year old Willow Tufano is the proud owner of her first home and the tender age of 14!

During the booming housing market of 2005, Willow’s mom (a real estate agent), bought them a nice home in a nearby neighborhood. Not long thereafter the bottom started to fall out of the housing market and the boom went bust. “Everyone is getting foreclosed on here” said Willow. Being an adept agent, Willow’s mom quickly started to represent distressed properties, and in particular investors who were looking to flip properties.

At one of these sales, Willow asked the investor buyer if she could take the furniture in the house and sell it. The investor agreed, and soon Willow was in business liquidating the leftovers of these foreclosed homes. Soon she was clearing nearly $500 a month and tucking most of that into savings.

One day, Willow’s mom was showing a foreclosed house on sale for $12,000. Willow told her mom: “‘What if I bought a house? That would be crazy! ”¬†One thing led to another and soon Willow was splitting the purchase of the home with her mom. She intends to pay her mom back and take over the title once she legally can at 18!

Listen to NPR’s story here.

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