Oakland, California in the Media

The Sacramento Bee just posted an interesting article about Oakland. The article is titled :”Time to Update That Mental Image of Oakland – It’s Way More Hip Now.” The premise of the article is that there are neighborhoods in Oakland that have become super hip and chic in the past several years, and that Oakland is not what many outsiders think it is: a lawless, crime ridden city. That is the premise of the article, anyway. The article goes on to describe four great Oakland hoods: Piedmont Avenue, Temescal, Rockridge, and Grand Lake. Despite the article’s premise, though, almost all of the neighborhood descriptions describe some sort of crime or criminal activity. ┬áSomething to make you go hmmmm.

Then again, no one would ever argue that The Sacramento Bee is a bastion of fine and balanced journalism.

If you can get past the hipocracy of the article, there are actually some great suggestions and descriptions of these neighborhoods and the thriving businesses therein. Check it out here.

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