2016 Holiday Music Mix

Here is the all new and improved 2016 Holiday Music Mix. The theme this year is Blue Christmas. Blue as in sad. Blue as in raunchy. Blue as in blues music. You’ll find it all here on the 2016 edition of my holiday music mix. Enjoy!





     2015 Hollywood Holiday

Xmas_Cover2 sm

     2014 Holiday Time All Over The World

2012 CD booklet

     2013 Mistletoe and Martinis

Holiday Hootenanny front cover only

     2012 – Holiday Hootenanny

2011 CD booklet

     2011 – A Scratchy Vinyl Holiday

     2010 – Ghosts of Christmas Past

     2009 – A Chilly Holiday

     2008 – Holiday Hit Parade

     2007 – Jingles

     2006 – Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

     2005 – Holiday Mixer

     2004 -A Chili Pepper For Your Hot Toddy

     2003 – At Home By The Fire

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